Belly Dance workshops with Maggie

29/12  6 PM in Coventry!

Belly dance workshops just before the new year to start your year dancing and smiling!
Professional Star Belly Dance teacher From Hong-Kong MAGGIE WONG !
One day, 2 workshops. you can choose 1 or 2 and bring your technique to a new level.
Workshop description:
Combination with Technique
Maggie’s style with strong technique, classic learning, special skill and related to the choreography of Mejance workshop.
Mejance with Choreography
Mejance this word is from France, means opening dance. Mejance is an Egyptian style of musical composition created specifically for a dancer to make her grand entrance. It normally opens a full-length dance show. Involves many different rhythm, techniques, knowledge. And it’s one of my favorite genus, it’s more challenging, feeling and passion.

Participation fees:
1 Ws-£30 or £35 on the day
2 Ws -£50 or £60 on the day
Timms school of Dance,
Binley, Coventry
to book:
WhatsApp 07464799469 
Classically trained as an Egyptian dancer, Maggie Wong shares her passion with ladies of all ages, sizes and shapes. Whether it is her acute sensitivity to the rhythms of Arabic music, her rigorous attention to details or her extensive knowledge of the art of the dance, Maggie has charmed her students of all levels with her extraordinary interpretation of the melodies.
Maggie has been mentored by Oriental Dance masters like Yousry Sharif. She has travelled the world to dance and attend workshops with the most respected teachers, including Aida Nour, Tito Seif, Khaled Mahmoud, Mahmoud Reda, Virginia Mendez, Mohamed Kazafy, Nagwa Fouad and Amir Thaled. Here in Hong Kong, during the earlier years of her dancing career, Maggie was one of the very few who performed in public. She has brought Belly Dance, an art one foreign to Hong Kong, to local audiences in various venues, from exclusive clubs to open concerts. The highlights of her performances were her stage appearances as guest artist with pop star singers Eason Chan and Justin Lo, which won praises from the media.
Since the establishment of her dance academy in 2008, Maggie's fan base has been expanding and her instruction has been sought after by those interested to learn the art. One of the reasons for such popularity is that she provides her students with a lot of performance opportunities all year round. She has showcased her dancers in school events, parties and auditoriums. Once she even choreographed for over 50 of her student dancers to dance for the CCDC Good Show, and among those there were expectant mothers, which naturally grabbed public attention and further promoted the popularity of Oriental Dance in Hong Kong.
Maggie is currently an instructor and choreographer. She offers group classes, individual lessons, training for dance instructors, workshops and seminars, as well as customized choreography for like-minded dance enthusiasts of Raqs Sharki Oriental Dance.