Stretch & Flexibility Classes

Why Stretch and Flexibility Classes are important?

21st-century living and lifestyle can be challenging for our backs, all-round flexibility and mobility. Constant shoulder stiffness and overall stress can bring pain and discomfort to our day- to -day life. Unfortunately, flexibility and stretching exercises are hugely underestimated in fitness/gym programs. As a result,  you feel pain, discomfort and posture loss.

This is why we decided to bring the good old stretch back!

These classes are made to improve posture as well as help to relieve muscle discomfort and stiffness. Specifically, we will focus on shoulder openers, upper body muscles, legs and back stretches and neck muscles. In each class we will push our boundaries and increase flexibility in a friendly environment. Everything will be done at your pace and physical ability – it is not a competition. In other words, do not forget to enjoy the process 

Is it for me?

Open to all levels. Therefore, no specific level of fitness or experience is required. Above all, it is a great way to remove both physical and emotional stress.

What will it be like?

These classes will cover a various range of stretch techniques. For this reason, each lesson will vary from soft yoga stretches to more intense ballet-style workouts.

Expect to explore and hold a deeper, more effective stretch, allowing the body to accept the new feeling and muscle lengthening.

How it will be like

  • A light Warm Up to get your muscles ready for the deep stretch
  • The Main Part. Every time the class will have a different stretching  theme:
    -Shoulders and back stretch
    -Dance Arms
    -​Yoga/pilates stretch
    -​Barre and basic ballet exercises
  • A Cool Down to allow you to walk out the class feeling refreshed and liberated

What are the benefits

  • Improved posture
  • Stronger and more flexible muscles
  • ​More energy for day to day life
  • Increased dance abilities
  • ​Deeper understanding of your body
  • Simple knowledge of exercises that can be performed at work/home to reduce muscle pain by yourself
  • ​Improved range of movement


Every Wednesday 8.30-9.00 PM Zoom


£20 For 4 classes

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothes and no shoes. Please take grip (non-slip) socks.