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"Dance like there's nobody watching" - W. Purkey

Belly Dance
Teachers Course Vol.2

Belly Dance Teachers Course Vol.2

Love Belly Dance and wondering if you are ready to teach?

Join the Course and turn your passion into profit!

Guided step by step mentorship, where together we will:

  1. set your classes
  2. get mores clients 
  3. save you lots of money by avoiding common mistakes

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Belly Dance?
Yallar Studio

Raks Sharki (aka Belly Dance) is a dance style where a woman can change her identity and explore different sides of her emotions: from sadness to happiness, from anger to sensitivity-every feeling will find its place in this feminine dance style.

Belly Dance improves your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination, and reduces depression. Belly dancing keeps you young,  improves memory, and additionally, whilst the physical movement of the dance helps reduce stress, anxiety, dancing with others also helps us feel more connected and social.