Hen dance parties

Welcome to Bespoke Hen Dance Parties!

If you are searching for Hen party essentials, look no further! Dance is known as the best Hen Do activity worldwide. Our highly qualified and experienced dance teachers have great Hen Dance Party ideas that would make your day out with friends fun and enjoyable!

Charleston, Burlesque, Single Ladies, Spice Girls, Dirty Dancing, Tango, Waltz, Disco, Belly dance –any style is possible just name it!
Birthday & Hen Party Dance Class will be all about you and your friends having fun and getting new dance party experience together. We will learn choreography and record it in the end for your personal use.

We work in Warwickshire and Leicestershire area but are ready to travel to help you to achieve perfect Birthday & Hen Dance Party experience. Our dance class will be funny and enjoyable, creating loads of positive memories for you and your hens  

Hen Do Dance Class can be held at your home or at a convenient location near you. Studio costs should be paid separately. Birthday & Hen Dance Party are scheduled on days and times that suit you, from early morning to late evening, every day of the week and weekends. Just email us and we will find suitable time for you!