Yallar Dance Studio

Willenhall Ln, Binley,
Coventry CV3 2AS, UK

Belly Dance Classes
in Willenhall Lane, Coventry

Start Bellydancing with professional Dance teacher in groups up to 15 people

Belly Dance Classes

Our classes combine

Belly Dance

Glorious celebration of your body, bringing energy and freedom from within


Will help you to relieve stress and tension in your body while dancing


Your journey to flexibility and healthier spine

Located in Willenhall Lane, Coventry

Hello! My name is Yulia Yallar

I`m the founder of Yallar Belly Dance studio, and here is something about my dance classes

  There are maximum 15 people in a group  

This number insures individual attention to each participant in the class.

  There are 2 class options: 60 min and 90 min in Leiceter and North Solihull 

60 min for beginners and 60 min for intermediate daners in Coventry. 

60 min class is for bellydance technique and combinations. 90 min class has all what 60 min. class has + dance choreography and Stretching, Pilates or Ballet.

This approach will ensure you receive all around dance workout, get toned, fit and energised while having fun

  Beginners are welcome  

The classes are suitable for BEGINNERS who never danced before and for INTERMEDIATE level dancers, who would like to work on their technique and movement vocabulary.

Yulia Yallar


Raks Sharki (aka Belly Dance) is a dance style where a woman can change her identity and explore different sides of her emotions: from sadness to happiness, from anger to sensitivity-every feeling will find its place in this feminine dance style. Belly Dance improves your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination, and reduces depression. Belly dancing keeps you young, improves memory, and additionally, whilst the physical movement of the dance helps reduce stress, anxiety, dancing with others also helps us feel more connected and social.

The usual duration is 60-85 minutes and includes warming up, basic moves, dance sequences, choreography, cooling down and stretching. To help you with your journey to your Inner Goddes, we also work on posture, spine, beautiful hands. First 60 minutes is purely Bellydance class. The main focus of this part is to enjoy and to learn with a fun, upbeat atmosphere. Additional time is for basic ballet (to make your body stronger and posture healthier), stretching (to work on your inner muscles and flexibility), pilates or meditation to let go of all day worries and stress.

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to belly dance, you are in the right place. Our main goal is to stay healthy and enjoy the process of learning. Together with highly professional teacher Yallar you will step by step learn belly dance famous moves such as:

  • hip drops, chest lifts, belly rolls and flutter,
  • arm exercises to reduce muscle stiffness and to improve flexibility,
  • turns and spins,
  • belly dance combinations and routines,

and of course we will work on musicality and rhythm perception.

Bring comfortable gym wear such as leggings or shorts. Please avoid harem pants and long skirts as it prevents the teacher to see how your legs move. Stretchy top or sports bra for the upper body and bare feet, non-slippery socks or ballet shoes-whatever feels more convenient. Please do not wear coin belts for the group classes (we don’t want the teacher to lose her voice, don’t we?). Having a bottle of water is highly recommended.

Yallar Yulia is an experienced dancer and teacher who performed on stages of Egypt, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Turkey and UK. Her thesis “Performance skills development in Belly Dance using contemporary dance training/teaching methods” built a successful base for her own unique teaching method.

Some of her awards:

  • Latvian dance festival „DUM TEK”- main organiser
  • 1st place in Danish Open Bellydance Competition 2013
  • 1st place in “Azure 2011”
  • 1st place in “Bellydance festival in Tallin 2010”
  • 1st place in “Vēderdejotāja 2009”
  • 1st place in “Miss Oriental 2007”

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