`Ghazala` Pre-recorded Workshop

This tutorial was made for students of Yallar BellyDance and immediately was labelled as `Fun` and `Fat burning` dance.

Mix of Sexy pop Belly dance, Hip hop and Dabke will challenge you to explore your technique and stamina in one class


Intermediate, with some knowledge in bellydance or any other dance style

Who is it for:

  • Dancers who would like to challenge them selves and try to mix different dance styles in one
  • Dance teachers who would like to do Fun group choreography
  • Everyone, who would like to get toned, fit and energies while having fun


Costumers feedback:


The class is 1,5 hour long

Price: £20


First 5 ladies will get a unique opportunity to get help with the dance progress from Yallar!

Send your progress video and get feedback on how to improve your technique and general dance impression on the choreography!

Hurry up!

How to book

Please email me to


to get the workshop, all the information and support