Friday Student show performers list!

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Future projects.

Martas workshops in London next week!

 Different workshops, so do join if you want the party to continue. More here


Turkey dance retreat in September. 16-24 in September. Video from previous Tour in Egypt here

You can join for full 8 day run away 

Women only, no dogs, kids or boyfriends

Or join for 4 days in Antalya for full relaxation and dance

Or 4 days of active run away in magical Istanbul. Places are still available, to book yours:)


Online BellyDance course for beginners in September. more info here

2 months of bellydance training with feedback. Dance with us:)

Also choreography online course for advanced dancers.


Teachers course in July. Previous course here

Thinking to teach bellydance ? Create your own dance community and earl from your hobby?

Message Yallar on social media for more information. 07464799469

limited spaces available. By the end of the course best student would be offered to work in Yallar Dance studio



Performers lists and order.

  1. Yallar bellydance group! 
  2. Maria. Shaaby
  3. Natasha Ellerd - Styles. Drum Solo
  4. Katie. Bellydance fusion 
  5. Katalin. Balady/Shaaby

Audience Dance Break

  1. Manmas. Saidi
  2. Celia. Baladi
  3. Anastasija. Flamenco Oriental
  4. Luisa Taylor. Baladi
  5. Natasha Ellerd - Styles. Show Bellydance

Audience Dance Break

  1. Vicky. Megance
  2. Jazz. Show bellydance
  3. Fatima. Baladi
  4. Dana. Baladi
  5. Yallar Bellydance students. Group Tabla