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Will be happy to have you in my upcoming belly dance course :)

Here are the important details.

Each course consists of a total of 8 classes, each lasting 60 minutes. Both the Beginners and Intermediate courses are 2 months long each.

Please note: If you purchase the full course, the classes will run consecutively, and payments cannot be transferred or refunded. By enrolling, you commit to a 2-month training course, which is designed to ensure consistent progress and optimal results.

If the class is missed, you  will have access to the recorded session to catch up at your own pace. Recordings remain available for 2 weeks after the live class.

All options should be PRE-BOOKED. There are various attendance options available:

  1. Full Course Membership (Beginners or Intermediate) at £80, making each class only £10. This is ideal for dedicated learners focused on achieving results.
  2. 4-Class Membership (can be taken at any time within the 2-month course period, applicable to any level) at £50, or £12.50 per class. Perfect for those with work shifts seeking more flexibility.
  3. Drop-in Classes - £15 each. Ideal for participants seeking occasional attendance without committing to a regular schedule. 
  4. Taster Class - £12. This option is valid for newcomers to our studio, offering a trial experience before deciding whether to join the courses.
  5. Dancers Membership - Ideal for individuals seeking a more comprehensive dance experience, involving two hours of weekly sessions. The membership includes a structured progression from technique classes to more sophisticated intermediate sessions, total 16 hours of dance training over 2 months. Investment £144 or £9 per single class.
Available Locations:
Face-to-Face: Join us in North Solihull, Leicester, or Coventry for an immersive dance experience. Dive into the art of belly dance in person, surrounded by a vibrant community eager to learn alongside you.
Online: Can't make it to our physical locations? No worries! Our online classes offer the same quality instruction, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your home. Engage with our skilled instructors virtually and connect with fellow dance enthusiasts online. Read more here

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