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"Dance like there's nobody watching" - W. Purkey

Belly Dance

For Complete Beginners
Discover the fundamentals, master foundational techniques, and ignite your passion for belly dance!
Whether it's the shimmy or hip drops, you'll learn it all in a supportive and encouraging environment.
 Highlights for Beginners Course
  •  8 one-hour classes
  •  Comprehensive introduction to belly dance
  •  Fundamental techniques and movements
  •  Supportive and encouraging atmosphere
What we will learn:
Each class focuses on a different topic. Over the 8 classes, you'll learn short dance moves. By the end, these moves come together to create a lovely dance routine, rewarding your dedication.
Here are the main topics we will cover in the course
 Available Locations:
Face-to-Face: Join us in North Solihull, Leicester, or Coventry for an immersive dance experience. Dive into the art of belly dance in person, surrounded by a vibrant community eager to learn alongside you.
Online: Can't make it to our physical locations? No worries! Our online classes offer the same quality instruction, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your home. Engage with our skilled instructors virtually and connect with fellow dance enthusiasts online. Read more here

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