Belly dance inspired classes for girls

What is Belly Dance Inspired Classes for Girls

Would Your Child like to dance like princess Jasmine from Disney movie Alladin?

If yes, then welcome to Belly Dance Inspired Classes for Girls – a mix of several different activity styles such as Ballet, Stretching,  Yoga, Pilates and of course safe basics of Belly Dance.

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What will we learn?

In Yallar Dance studio we prefer to teach our student the basic steps of Middle Eastern Dance Styles, arm exercises, turns and spins and traditional dance combinations and routines.

Kids Belly Dance Inspired Class structure is mainly based on studying Egyptian dance moves and different folkloric dance styles such as Nubia, Khaleegy, Saidi and many more.  Ballet, Stretching,  Yoga and Pilates are introduced in to the class from the beginning to maximize physical development of a child. Short rhythmic games are used within the class as well. Games are chosen appropriate to the age to develop group awareness, musicality and rhythm perception.

As the child grows there will be possibility to join Belly Dance Classes but this will happen only with an agreement from the parent/guardian.

All students are encouraged to participate in group performance in the end of the course to show new skills and to overcome stage fright. This is a great opportunity for all family members can come and support little dancer.

Example of a class structure

About the teacher

Yallar herself is leading Belly Dance Inspired Classes.

  • Full DBS Check
  • Bachelor degree in “Rhythm and Dance Teacher”
  • MA “Community Dance Leadership”
  • various other teaching diplomas
  • more than 13 years of teaching experience

What are the positive sides of Belly Dance Inspired Classes for a child?

♥ Fun. Movements differ from western dances and it can be very funny to learn them. Girls feel like princesses while dressing up in big chiffon dresses, wearing sparkly jewellery and make up. Being a real dance princess together with your friends, what could be better?

♥ Exercise and fitness.  A lot of movement, turns, spins, Port de Bras Pas de bourree, hip drops and camels that doesn’t sound familiar, isn’t it? Well, soon your girl will know all of them. Exercise will lead to strong muscles, flexibility and strong cardio-vascular health. If done regularly, Belly Dance Inspired Classes help to prevent obesity, and increase general body conditioning.

♥ Rhythm and musicality. Music and dance often are inseparable when it comes to art. Middle eastern music is filled with complex rhythms and variations. Developing the feeling of music and rhythm will help the child to understand any kind of music and become artistically sensitive.

♥ Mental Well-Being. Belly Dance Inspired Classes as no other dance forms teach how to love and respect yourself, body, face, and accept everything that is unique in you. Belly Dance community is very welcoming to dancers of all shapes and forms. There are no certain rules about what the dancer should look like or how they should behave, which gives a lot of appreciation to girls and women with lack of self-confidence. Many women suffer from a lack of self-respect as a damaging result of continuing influence of media since childhood. Girls will learn how to accept themselves and resist the overwhelming influence of the fashion industry.

♥ Social Opportunities. The Belly Dance community is one of the biggest dance communities for women in the UK. Many dance events will offer a new environment and friends from all over the world. Dance and community will help to re-balance energy levels in a very active child or develop confidence in a shy little dancer.

♥ Cultural Awareness. Belly Dance Inspired Classes teach tolerance and acceptance of other cultures, not from history books in school but from real life. Belly dance easily brings together dance lovers from different cultures and social backgrounds. It gives great opportunities to learn traditional dances of other cultures and to share your own.

♥ Performance skills. Belly Dance Inspired Classes help a dancer to feel like an actress, to change and express different emotions in dance. With each choreography little dancers learn how to reach the audience and share the main idea hidden in the performance without saying a word. It is important to learn and develop confidence of public appearance as it gives many opportunities in adult life. Being self-confident in public can be easily learned as a part of dance routine, bringing more fun into the process. Solo and group performances teaches responsibility, self-control, develops necessary skills to work with your own initiative and together with your team members to achieve better results.

Development possibilities

It is common practice to divide groups according to their abilities and age after they gained the basic training.  There will be girls who would like to perform and participate in haflas, competitions and other appropriate parties. It can be done within a group or solo. Usually the group of dancers (performance group) have their own costumes and choreographies created especially for them. Additional training hours may be added to their schedule. It is worth mentioning, if started in early age, very high results can be easily achieved. Many famous dancers started their dancing life in in very early age and now this became a full time job as they are travelling around the world giving workshops and perform in very prestigious dance events.