Anastasia Biserova in London

Get ready to witness the mesmerizing talent of one of Cairo's brightest bellydance superstars! Rarely offering workshops, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the best. Join us in London for an unforgettable experience. Are you with us?

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Join us for an extraordinary weekend of bellydance workshops with the beyond elegant Anastasia Biserova from Egypt/Russia.

On Saturday, 14th September and Sunday, 15th September, in London!

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There are several package options available for all bellydance levels:


Radiant Dance: Intermediate BellyDance Mastery (Saturday) 14/09

  • 3 workshops tailored for intermediate/advanced level dancers.

Enchanted Excellence: Advanced BellyDance Experience (Sunday) 15/09

  • 3 workshops designed for advanced dancers.


Prices and Offers for separate days or full 2 days access to all workshops for best training experience

Note: all deposits and booking fees are non-refundable but ARE transferable  


September Last minute Prices

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Please note that individual workshops will be available for purchase in September ONLY. However, Elastica Workshops are only offered within the packages and cannot be sold separately.

Note: all deposits and booking fees are non-refundable. Tickets/ remainder of the balance are non-refundable but ARE transferable  

In addition, on Sunday evening, enjoy a special dinner with Anastasia where you can ask her all your burning questions about bellydance in Cairo, and more! (Dinner is not included in the workshop packages and must be paid for separately).

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of Cairo's brightest bellydance superstars without traveling miles 

Location: Deptford Lounge, 9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ


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About Anastasia: Master Teacher in Bellydance

Anastasia is a world-renowned bellydance artist and master teacher, celebrated for her exceptional skill and captivating performances. As the Bellydance World Champion (IDO) and winner of both the prestigious Cairo Mirage and Ahlan wa Sahlan festivals, she stands at the pinnacle of her art form. Anastasia's expertise is further solidified by her certification as a choreographer from the International Academy of Art.

Anastasia's influence extends globally, as she tours extensively across continents, from Japan to Brazil, where she mesmerizes audiences and imparts her knowledge through training sessions and master classes. A true celebrity in the Middle East, Anastasia has appeared in numerous popular music videos, films, and TV shows, showcasing her talent on the best stages in Cairo and beyond.

Join Anastasia's workshops to experience her unparalleled teaching and immerse yourself in the art of bellydance with a true champion and master.

Anastasia’s Instagram account

Instagram account where you can find lots of Anastasia’s dances

Anastasia`s BellyDance Wins:

* Bellydance World Champion (IDO)
* Winner of Cairo Mirage festival
* Winner of Ahlan wa Sahlan festival
* Certified choreographer by International Academy of Art

Anastasias Songs:

Ya Habibi Taala (single 2019)
Marageeh مراجيح (single 2020)
RUHI (single 2022)

Music video

Am ya sayad عم يا صياد 
Habinahom حبناهم 
El hak mish aleik الحق مش عليك 
Mish Aleya مش علية 
Elly hamina rabina اللى حمينا ربنا ç
Wlaa nar ولع نار 
Yalla rouhy يلا روحى 


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