Live vs On-line Belly Dance Classes. Pro`s & Con`s

Live vs On-line Belly Dance Classes. Pro`s & Con`s

Live vs On-line Belly Dance Classes. Pros & Cons

Before the virus struck, the idea of online classes🖥️ wasn’t so popular and people weren’t too excited about it. There were many reasons for that: technological skills, space issues, and obviously, lacking the idea of belonging to one community, having one girlie group👧👩👸 to share dance passion with. Despite all of this, I personally believe the transition to online classes would happen on its own, but at a much slower pace.

Online Belly Dance Classes

But the universe had its own plan 🦠.

Now Online classes are offered by many dancers and dance teachers in every way possible. Students had to adapt quickly to the new “normal” way of learning and drilling.  So even those, who weren’t geeky enough, had to step in and try something that they would never consider otherwise. Dance teachers of all styles are going global and trying to adjust their classes to the new reality. All this activity makes me wonder, what will happen AFTER the virus is gone? Will everything go back to normal?  🤷Is there any chance for Online classes to survive and continue thriving?

To understand if online classes REALLY have a future in our bellydance (or any other dance) community, let’s take a closer look at the pros➕ and cons ➖of two learning options.

Live classes. Yeses

  1. 🖐️The teacher stands right in front of you. You get the same energy and connection with everyone in the room. You can always get help and improve your technique, get some words of encouragement and “push” yourself a little further.
  2. 🏆You have to try your best. Even if you are not feeling well you will be pushed to do more.  On top of that, your dance mates will “share” their energy with you which will change your mood.
  3. 👧👩👸Feeling connected. To everyone. It is not a secret that all dancers are building a small community together, they laugh, share their thoughts and stories. It is a nice feeling to have your own girlie circle where you are sharing the same passion.
  4. 🔀Getting out and changing the walls around you. We all have different jobs, but changing the environment from time to time and switching your attention is a good way to fight stress and depression.
  5. 👑Having personal “me” time. It is just you and dance. No husbands, boyfriends, kids, beloved pets or other household members. No matter how much you love them, you still need your own time. That’s gold.


  1. 🚗Distance and location. That is a time consumer. Sometimes just a thought that you have to GO/DRIVE somewhere,  or stand in a crowded public transport might be a big challenge. Simple math can kill it all: it is 1 hour of dancing and 1 hour of getting there is just too much of your precious evening time.
  2. 🚫If you missed a class-that is it. You lost it, bye- bye. And I`m not only talking about the prepaid class but also about missed technique, atmosphere and exercise. Not mentioning the fun. The teacher might do a similar class, but it still be different and your dance mates will know a little bit more than you, which might feel discouraging.
  3. 🙈Not seeing the teacher perfectly. Let’s agree that sometimes the class is overcrowded. And if you are not pushy enough you might find your self somewhere at the back, behind the pillar. Not the best situation.
  4. 😞Social pressure. Everyone comes to the classes with different dance abilities and usually with their own fear of not getting it right. We do not like the feeling of not getting it right, especially when someone “perfect” is standing next to you. In situations like these, people end up feeling totally stressed and not capable of dancing. At the end of the day, you came to enjoy and relax, not to get more pressure.
  5. 😡This one isn’t so obvious but, unfortunately, happens a lot and sometimes the teacher doesn’t even know what happened. Relationships within a group sometimes might become overcomplicated. Wrong interpretation of words, looks, gestures and a student stopped attending the classes.

Online Classes! YESes.

  1. ⌚No Travel Time! Yuhuuu! You can dance directly from your home, even in your bedroom wearing pyjamas!
  2. 💲Better price. Usually, On-line stuff is cheaper than live classes. Double win!
  3. 🌍Now you can take classes all over the world: today you are dancing in the USA, tomorrow in Ukraine and even participating in On-line dance competition. The world just became smaller:)
  4. 🎞️Recorded Classes! Even if you couldn’t make it for livestream, you still can do the class in your own time!

Online Classes NOOes

  1. 🤖No live contact. Even if you are not a fan of any physical contact in the dance room, you are still missing the energy. 
  2. 🛀It requires lots and lots of or self-motivation. Knowing that you can do the class later, or/and nobody is watching you might relax you a little bit more than needed. Even if the class is already paid, some people find it difficult to motivate themself and catch up with the group without a teacher standing next to him/her.
  3. ☹Quality Control. This issue suffers the most. Whichever technology you are using for your online class, it will not be enough to lead a group of dancers on- line. It is close to impossible to monitor the whole process and checking if everyone is doing the class in the right, safe way.
  4. 💻Technical issues. Freezes, sound volume, internet speed- there are so many ways how your phone/screen laptop can ruin your dance class. And the worst thing is that usually it takes ages to get fixed.
  5. 👪Your loved ones. Yes yes. They are there, usually wanting something very urgently in the room where you are about to start your practice.
  6. 🏘️And let’s not forget the neighbors. They might be not so tolerant of belly dance music coming out of your apartment every day. No music -no fun.
I would also add time🕐 to the list.

The longer the virus🦠 is with us, the bigger chance the on-line classes have to stay for good. I actually find this radical shift rather positive, as I really believe that on- line classes can make the teaching process much more exciting and achievable for more people. It is going global as never before and we are about to erase those stereotypes of having certain country dance styles. Saying this, I can`t deny that on-line classes lacking personal touch and quality control (at least in group classes and with current technologies). So for now combination of both is the key🔑.

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