Online Stretch & Flexibility Classes

Stretch & Flexibility Classes


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Online Stretch & Flexibility Classes

Stretch & Flexibility Classes On-Line💻

As you know, we are going through quarantine time now. All gyms and dance studios are closed 🔐and it`s getting difficult to keep yourself in shape.

Flexibility Lessons On-line


Why not to use this self-isolation time for education and something that you always wanted to do?🤔 There was never enough time for yourself: too far, too late, too expensive.

To make your (and our) dreams come true, let’s start our flexibility journey together 🖥️ON-LINE!📱

Our Packages:

-£16 for 4 classes 30 min each once a week❗

-£30 for 8 classes 30 min each twice a week❗

All classes are streaming online on Skype, Zoom or Instagram. Videos will be available for a week after live streaming, so no stress if you can`t make it on time.

Zoom Stretching

Is it for me?

Open to all levels! Even if you never tried it before:) No specific level of fitness or experience is required. It is a great way to remove both physical and emotional stress. Classes will focus on shoulder openers, upper body muscles, legs and back stretches and neck muscles. In each class we will push our boundaries and increase flexibility in a friendly group of people🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽. Everything will be done at your pace and physical ability – it is not a competition. In other words, do not forget to enjoy the process 🙂

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The payments are accepted via bank transfer or PayPal (please note, that the additional PayPal fees should be covered by you)

Message on Facebook, Instagram or write me an email ( for payment details or for any other questions!

Stay Safe!



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