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Wedding Dance Lessons

Bespoke Wedding dance lessons / First dance classes!

Learn to dance for your beautiful, long awaited Wedding day!

The special event is approaching but you don’t feel brave enough to dance in front of your friends and relatives? At Bespoke Dance Parties we believe that everyone can dance! Want to be elegant and stylish? Or create fun and unpredictable First Dance Choreography? Any style you choose will surprise the audience and make your wedding a success.

We work in Essex area but are ready to travel to help you to achieve a perfect wedding dance routine. Our  First dance classes will be funny and enjoyable even for your other half:)

We also offer different couple dance packages for wedding guests such as:

Mother-son couple dance

Father- daughter couple dance

(please contact for more options)

Because we want the best for our clients, Bespoke dance parties  offers FREE SKYPE introduction class where we will carefully discuss your needs so we can choreograph a dance piece customised exactly for you.

First dance lessons in Essex

At Bespoke Wedding/First Dance Lessons we offer different packages to meet your needs:

Last minute package
1 class 2 hours

Speedy package
2 classes 1,5 hours each

Both Wedding dance options are perfect if you want to clean up your dance or avoid shuffling around the floor. We will quickly learn basic steps and add some wow elements to give your dance a fresh, choreographed look.

Standard package
3 classes 1,5 hours
This option is perfect if you want to create a choreography for a special song that two of you love. Romantic, stylish and classic.
Extra package
4 classes 1,5 hours each
This package is designed for couples who want to be sure of being ‘foot perfect’ for their first wedding dance.

VIP package
5 classes 1,5 hours each (total time can be divided in any number of classes to reach maximum comfort for the couple)

It says it all. VIP Bespoke Wedding/First dance classes package is specially made to surprise your guests! YouTube popular version, starts with a slow, romantic song, giving the idea of ordinary wedding dance until..IT GETS HOT! Tailor made song mix that is perfect to show different sides of your love and wow the audience. Fun, Creative, Easy!

Wedding dance lessons in Essex
All classes will take place in the comfort of your own home. As long as the two of you can stand together with your arms stretched apart and go around in a circle, then you have enough room. If you feel that there is not enough room, dance studios are also available for an additional hire (from £15/h)
We discuss the plan and times on Skype or telephone, just let us know when you would like to have a class. It is best to have more time before the wedding but even if your your special event is in the end of this week we still can prepare the routine.

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