How to hire a dancer. Hiring Etiquette and Hints



Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Martha Graham

How to hire a dancer. Hiring Etiquette and Hints

It is advised to make a booking at least one week before the event. The same day booking might be charged extra (see payment).

You can choose the length of the performance which suits best for you. See the example:

1 x 25 min set (can include audience interaction, no costume change)

1 x 30 min set (includes audience interaction, no costume change)

1 x 40 min set (includes audience interaction, no costume change)

2 x 10 min set (15-30 min interval with, no costume change)

2 x 20 min set (15-30 min interval, with one costume change)

3 x 10min set (15-30 min interval, with two costume changes)

3 x 20 min set (15-30 min interval, with two costume changes)

“Interaction with the audience” means taking the guests to dance and/or show some basic moves or choreography so everybody could follow and enjoy together with the dancer.

“Costume change” means how many times the dancer will change for your event. All dresses create a different image as if you have several performers instead of one. If your event requires more covered dresses (covered torso, chest, etc), discuss it in advance, so the dancer could prepare appropriate outfits for the performance.

You can ask the dancer for some particular dance styles which you would like to see, for example, Classical Raks Sharki, Veil Fan , Drum Solo and interaction with the audience. If this one is not discussed while booking, the dancer has the right to choose the style by herself.


Booking can only be confirmed after payment of up to 50% of agreed fee. The rest should be paid upon the arrival to avoid the waiting when the show is finished.

Please avoid conversations such as “I thought it would be cheaper”.  Expensive costumes, training, workshops and of course grooming ask for valuable investments such as time and money. There are many other dancers with different price and skill range for every budget so try to do your research first.


It is important to respect yours and dancers time! The dancer most probably has other bookings at that particular evening, so try to do everything on time. It is acceptable for the event to run late no more than 30 min. After 30 min it is up to dancer to decide to wait more or to leave and keep the deposit


Keep in mind, that the dancer requires a private changing room to prepare for the show. Having a mirror is highly desirable. There could be other female performers in the room, but no guests or male performers.

For the security of the dancer and your guests, make sure the floor where the dance will take place is cleaned, without glass or any other sort of rubbish.

If you wish to have the performance with props (such as candles, veils, fan veils, sword) make sure you have enough space for it such as high ceiling, distance from the audience, etc.


Make sure you have an appropriate sound system for USB or phone (we don’t want to end up without any music, don’t we?)


Yallar is available for the female or mixed audience only. To avoid misunderstanding, check your guest list and name the purpose of your event while booking a dancer. If you would like the dancer to interact or not with a particular member of the audience, please, mention it before the show (example, you want the dance to invite the bride to dance with her, but would appreciate if her mother in law would be left alone). Plan the timing of the performance which will suit right for the audience: if the dancer performs too early the possibility that not all your guests will see it is higher, if performed too late the guests maybe will be in an excessive party mood, especially if alcohol is included in the menu.


It is allowed to tip the dancer if you appreciate the work and art of dance and is done voluntarily. Remember do it in a respectful way without touching the dancer.

And do not forget to enjoy the show!