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Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. Martha Graham

Belly Dance Show

Are you searching for Belly Dance Show for your special occasion?

You`re in the right place! Here you can hire a Belly Dancer for a Party of your dream!

Fan Veils Belly Dance London & Essex belly dancing restaurants near me

Yallar Belly Dancer with Fan Veils, London

Yallar is famous for her captivating performances, which include Classical Egyptian style, Show Belly Dance, Drum Solos, Shamadan (Belly Dance with Candles) and Fan Veils Belly Dance. She can also include traditional dances such as Khaleegy, Saiidi and Shaabi etc. in her sets to give extra authenticity to your event. As both a teacher and performer Yallar is guaranteed to add sparkle to your event! To book  Yallar to perform or teach at your event contact

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Yallar is available for private events such as:

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How to book a Belly Dancer. Hiring Etiquette and Hints)

How how much does it cost to hire a Belly Dancer?

Hiring UK Belly Dancer can be confusing process. The price depends on many different factors such as:


Yallar has different packages available for all kinds of events starting from short 20 min performance up to 2 hours Hen/Birthday Teaching and Performing Party. Each event had different requirements which makes it impossible to make fixed price so please email for details to and you will receive detailed package description that can be adjusted to your unique event.

Belly Dance Videos

Classical Raks Sharki

Drum Solo

Fan Veil dance

Spanish Fusion

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